Post 10 – Why Job Titles Matter and Need to Stay Industry Specific

As time goes on, many industries have begun to adopt job titles that include the terms “Architect” or “Engineer.” While this is most likely to project some authority into the role, it is actually reached the point where these positions are unclear or undefined…Not to mention that these terms CANNOT be used except by Licensed professionals.

Post 9 – The Thermal Envelope

To celebrate the New Year “What The Hell Is Architecture?” answers a question we are asked often. That question being whether or not it is worth converting your unused garage into livable space. We also delve into The “Thermal Envelope” and Energy Code requirements to make such a project code compliant.

Post 8 – The Vapor Compression Cycle

“What the Hell is Architecture?” this weeks slightly veers off the subject of Architecture and delves into what makes our Air Conditioning systems work.

Post 7 – How Your Walls are Put Together

This week we will walk through the process of constructing an exterior wall and its associated windows, roof, and ceiling. We will also delve into the process of constructing the foundation below grade. Diagrams and modeled images provided to walk through each step.

Post 6 – Virtual Reality and BIM Modeling – Part 2

“What the Hell is Architecture?” is proud to present its biggest post yet, in it we finish the Virtual Model we started last week. We also finally unveil the Virtual Model itself for you to walk around and view for yourself. Give it a read AND a tour and let us know what you think!

Post 3 – Project Specifications

Everyone knows Architects create designs with drawings. But how many people realize they write a Technical Manual known as the Specifications. Here we’ll discuss this vital document, as well as begin discussing the collaboration between Architect, Owner and Contractor for Construction.

Post 1 – Waiting for What?

Our inaugural Post, discussing the concern many people have on starting a new company, and the issue of many people advising them to wait. This blog hopefully disputes that waiting will not help a new firm or company.