Post 65 – Why Architects Need to Create MORE, Despite Our Creative Nature

Architects have the skills and tools to create more content than any other profession…yet we seem to produce the least when distracted with the chase for more billable hours.

Post 20 – An Architect’s Perspective on Everything Wrong with Trump’s Architectural Executive Order

Issued on December 21, 2020, Trump’s recent Executive Order on “Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture” is incredibly misguided and flawed.

In the inaugural video post from the series “What the Hell is Architecture?” Architect Bryan Toepfer, AIA, NCARB, CAPM discusses the issues with the Executive Order itself, as well as the chosen Architectural Style that is mandated to be used on Federal buildings.

Post 11 – New Books Network Podcasts

What The Hell Is Architecture? now adds a regularly recurring podcast from the New Books Networks channel. Tune in to listen to Bryan Toepfer, AIA, NCARB, CAPM interview Architectural authors.

Post 10 – Why Job Titles Matter and Need to Stay Industry Specific

As time goes on, many industries have begun to adopt job titles that include the terms “Architect” or “Engineer.” While this is most likely to project some authority into the role, it is actually reached the point where these positions are unclear or undefined…Not to mention that these terms CANNOT be used except by Licensed professionals.